Adventure / Surprises in 29Rooms



Gotta love/hate Instagram as the ultimate FOMO (fear of missing out) social media platform because while I was doing my daily InstaStories watching, a friend’s story alerted me that tickets for Refinery29’s 29Rooms were on sale. I didn’t miss out this time managed to snag me and Karen a ticket for the interactive art exhibit.


Since we were going to such a colorful exhibit, I thought I’d wear a bright color in my outfit to stand out a little. Nothing catches attention like red so I chose my classic red bandana and lipstick to complement these red plaid pants. Kept everything else, especially my top, simple with a leather jacket and white tee so people can notice me rocking the red.

I’m convinced red plaid is the best plaid too. I now have 2 bottoms and 2 shirts with red as one of the primary colors.


Leather Jacket – Zara
Plaid Pants – ASOS
White Tee – ASOS
Boots – Vagabond
Glasses – Warby Parker

A lot of love to my best friend and photographer for not only always taking my pictures but also, urging me to move out of my comfort zone and have fun with my poses. I’m not really one to dance so I enjoyed swaying to the music in the silent disco room.

We spent all of the allotted 3 hours in the exhibit and still, we didn’t get to experience all 29 rooms. There was a lot of people and a lot of fun to be had so many rooms required waiting in lines. I was very pleased with the rooms we did get to see though.

If only white supremacy could be so easily shredded and throw away…But it can’t be so I’m going to continue to do my best in contributing to dismantling it. I fight for people of color, women, trans folks, queer people, undocumented immigrants, disabled people, and more.


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Ultimately, yeah, the exhibit included a lot of art sponsored by big corporations with the goal of making money and getting more Instagram attention. It was still a very fun and creative space to interact with and a great way to spend my Sunday morning. I look forward to next year’s 29Rooms.

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