Farewell to Selfie

As I said in my Fall TV post, the fall season brings with it a variety of new and exciting shows to entertain us with. But it also takes some of them away.

This season, I’ve been saddened the most by the cancelation of ABC’s adorable romantic comedy, Selfie. So, here is a post commemorating the short-lived show.

Saying farewell to ABC's canceled "Selfie" with Karen Gillan and John Cho



Saying farewell to ABC's canceled "Selfie" with Karen Gillan


Network: (ABC/HULU)
Cast:  Karen Gillan, John ChoDa’Vine Joy Randolph, David Harewood
Created by: Emily Kapnek
Premise: After being the subject of an embarrassing viral video, a self-involved 20-something enlists the help of a marketing expert to revamp her image in the real world. A modern retelling of My Fair Lady/Pygmalion.

ABC’s cancelation of Selfie has hurt. A lot.

Sure, the show’s premise was conventional and the characters were little over the top but it had such an adorable charm to it.

Look at the show’s protagonist, Eliza. Eliza was so vapid and social media obsessed that I had to constantly suspend my belief and wonder how she even got her job at a pharmaceuticals company. Yet, Karen Gillan pulled it off. She made Eliza a character that was entertaining, relatable, and capable of realistic growth.

I’m sure another actress would have done a great job as Eliza as well but there was something special about Gillan’s comedic timing and charm that made Eliza a treat to watch.

Saying farewell to ABC's canceled "Selfie" with John Cho

Then there was John Cho. Cho plays the work obsessed Henry who has been tasked with improving Eliza’s public image.  And as always, Cho is hilarious, handsome as all hell, and endlessly wonderful.

It’s a damn shame the cancellation of Selfie has broken up a couple with so much chemistry like Cho and Gillan but the bigger travesty? John Cho relinquishing his role as the leading man on a network television show. With his comedic talent and long experience in the industry, Cho has more than proven that has the skill to lead his own TV show. And by becoming a prime love interest, Cho disproves the popular stereotype of desexualized Asian men. In Selfie, Cho got to do all of this as Henry and Eliza developed a beautiful budding interracial relationship.

So, the show’s cancelation has made me doubly sad for Cho. He really deserves a bigger career than he has.

Saying farewell to ABC's canceled "Selfie" with Karen Gillan and John Cho

The show was of course, not without its flaw due to its occasional quips about gender roles, overdramatic flair and more. But for the most part, the show was a weekly delight to watch. Selfie certainly warranted to stay on for at least an entire season.

It’s just a damn shame that such a wonderful show was taken from us so soon. I miss seeing Cho, Gillan and the rest of Selfie’s diverse cast. I have actually left a few episodes unwatched because I cannot bear to part with the show.

Check out Selfie on ABC and watch the unaired episodes of Selfie on Hulu.