Adventure / Infinity Room



Karen, my amazing photographer, and I are always visiting beautiful spots for photo shoots. This time, we went to check out the Infinity Room in Industry City and wow, what a sight.

It’s essentially a shipping container with lots of mirrors and lights. The installation sounds simple but it
creates so many amazing visual effects.

I really love the shot of the red light on the printed shirt. It’s very reminisce of the neon red lights Chinese Chop Suey restaurants used.


Leather Jacket – Zara
Chinese Takeout Shirt – Thrifted
Shorts – Forever21
Boots – Vagabond
Bralette – F21
Glasses – Warby Parker
See my previous outfit post for more details on this look.


The room really makes a great space to take countless beautiful pictures. It was so much fun to play around in the lights and reflections.

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