Style / Breezing



Leather Jacket – Zara 

Lace Up Top – UrbanOutfitters

Shorts – Forever21

Bandana – ASOS

Boots – Dr. Martens

Glasses – Warby Parker


As one of those people who is almost always cold, summer is the season I long for the most. I can finally wear tees and shorts out without worrying about goosebumps appearing.

Still, NYC weather is annoyingly fickle. On those less humid days, I like to have the option of a light layer in case a few cool breezes bring the temperature down. The oversized leather jacket kept me at just the right temperature while being a nice contrast to the more form fitting lace up top. Once I put on the leather jacket, I felt like I had to continue the tough look with my Docs. Bandanas, especially this red one, has become my new favorite accessory as a fun pop of color. It also accentuates my red lipstick even more to finish off the look.

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