Oh no, I’m nearing the end of content and pictures I have from my London experience to make posts about. My life back here in the states is so uneventful and boring compared to London. I have no idea what I’m going to make personal posts about anymore. Please feel free to comment with how you come up with ideas.

But anyway, here’s a quick recap of my journey exploring London (and the great England area) using my Instagram pictures. Or at least part one because I underestimated how much pictures I took.

There were other interesting things in between like the I went the many many theater shows and museums I went to as well. Maybe I’ll talk about those one day.

Instajourney through London, Part 1


Skipping this week’s Rec Me Friday because honestly, I’m slowly running out of inspiration. There are a great number of amazing television shows I could feature but each recommendation requires effort and inspiration I don’t fully have right now. I do a have a few recommendations in mind though so don’t worry, I haven’t completely abandoned this blogging venture (yet).

In the meantime, I thought this would be a good moment to discuss an important topic in entertainment – minority representation. As an Asian American, media representation for minorities, including East Asians, is always on my mind. I’ve found that like with most POCS, Asians are underrepresented in American media as well as the occasional British television programs I watch. But when I studied abroad in London, I became more fully aware of just how hard it is for East Asians to be represented in UK media.

And so, for my Journalism class in London, I chose write an article on the media presentation of East Asians in the UK. I’m sharing the feature now as well as some musings on experience being an Asian American living the the UK.

Discussing representation for East Asians in British television and my experience as an Asian American living in London