As someone who loves visual storytelling, I suppose I should be watching the many web series YouTube has to offer but I’m watching lifestyle and fashion videos instead? I suspect it’s because I never ever watch reality television so YouTubers fills whatever void in me that is mildly interested in reality TV.

Here is the first of many posts where I recommend interesting YouTubers I’ve discovered. These are a few of my very favorites that I always enjoy. Check out Part Two!

avorite fashion, lifestyle, and travel YouTubers. Featuring Claire Marshall, Louis Cole and Jim Chapman,


Ordinarily, I’m not one for leggings and especially not as a statement piece. It might be because that scene where Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf’s exclaims ‘Leggings are not pants!’ is embedded in my mind. But recently, I’ve decided to embrace leggings! Sorry, Blair Waldorf, leggings as pants are comfy as hell and awesome if you know how to work it. As long as it’s not opaque, leggings are fine as bottoms.

So, when I saw these MARVEL leggings, the comic fan in me had to get them! They’re a bit hard to style around because the print is so eye-catching but it’s noticeable in such a fun way.

Casual outfit featuring Primark's MARVEL superhero comic leggings.


As a preface to this post and any following comic book posts: I’m more of a casual fan of comics. I just started reading comic books this year and while I really enjoy the medium, I’m not incredibly knowledgable about the vast comic universe. Perhaps I will be as time goes on, perhaps not. I pick up whatever latest comic catches my eye because I love visual story telling and the many forms it can take. So keep in mind that all my opinions here are from ‘noob’ or someone just getting into comics for the fun of it.

Recommending Matt Fraction's superb run of Marvel's Hawkeye comics. Featuring Clint Barton as lovable mess and Kate Bishop being amazing


Publisher:  MARVEL
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artists: David Aja,
Premise: Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, a.k.a. Hawkeye, became the greatest sharp-shooters known to man. They then joined the Avengers. This is what they do when they’re not being Avengers. That’s all you need to know.

So, I spent this last spring studying abroad in London. It was absolutely incredible. Sadly, my time in the magnificent city is over but I do have some great pictures of my London adventures. I plan to dedicate a few posts to show off these pictures because I can’t not share when they’re this pretty.

I’m lucky enough to have a best friend who is not only willing to hop on a plane and come visit me for a week but also, a great photographer. So on a cloudy London morning, we took a stroll through London’s Primrose Hill. Despite the gray weather, it was absolutely lovely to walk through the park with her. It was perfect timing because I got soaked in the rain promptly after the outing. But yes, we talked, admired the beautiful scenery, and excitedly pointed at every dog that passed by (and there was a lot)