Style / Take Me Out



In putting together the outfit, I wanted the look to represent me. I love when clothes speak for me and this printed shirt does that.

Kept rest of the outfit simple with the usual leather jacket and denim shorts because the printed shirt was the statement piece I wanted to draw eyes to. I added the red bandana to have more color and further bring attention to my shirt.


Leather Jacket – Zara
Chinese Takeout Shirt – Thrifted
Shorts – Forever21
Boots – Vagabond
Hat – H&M
Glasses – Warby Parker


I chose this shirt with the takeout boxes and fortune cookies because the process of Chinese and American cultures merging together is something I’m the product of. I wanted the outfit to be an acknowledgment of my culture. The Chinese or Chop Suey restaurants were built from the Chinese desire to cater more to the American palette in their cuisine. Creating dishes such as Sesame Chicken and General Tso’s Chicken was a way to make a living in America and assimilate into Western culture. The Search for General Tso is an interesting documentary about how the dish’s history in America.

I’m Chinese-American. I was raised in New York City my entire life. Growing up, I was always mixing my Chinese culture at home together with the American culture I saw on TV and at school. I can’t describe my definition of Chinese-American culture. It’s messy and I’m still figuring it out but I’m glad to identify as Chinese-American.


Venturing to Industry City to feature the outfit was also a lot of fun. The painted mural (Crypto by James Moore) was amazing to see. I stripped down to black lace bralette to fit into the black and white theme of the painting more.

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